Viene a México Filarmónica de Berlín

I was all set to write a piece about the Berlin Philharmonic electing a new chief conductor, and how the man who gets this post is like the “Pope of classical music.” (The Berlin Philharmonic’s importance in European concert music is rivalled by the Vienna Philharmonic, but the Vienna Philharmonic doesn’t have a regular conductor, so the Berlin job is the one maestros fight over.) Then the self-governing orchestra failed to elect anyone, with no clear timetable for when they’ll have a chance to meet again. Thanks a lot, guys. I think you did this just to spite me. But let me see if I can write something about this anyway.

My colleague Paul Wells wrote a Twitter essay about the possible causes of the deadlock. There haven’t been a lot of leaks, so a lot of this is guesswork, but it seems like it comes down to a core question of what the Berlin Philharmonic should be and what it should specialize in playing (SOURCE: MACLEANS).

Exhibición de House of Cards

I started working on this illustration of Kevin Spacey in February after I finished binge watching “House Of Cards” Season 2 but I got distracted by other projects and never finished it. Mr. Spacey has been haunting me. I hate having unfinished illustrations floating around in digital purgatory. Last night, I had some time to kill so I spent some quality time with Mr. Spacey. I’m 90% certain this illustration is “finished.” I could noodle around with the illustration for another 20 hours and still have that lump of doubt and dissatisfaction rolling around my stomach. I’m never happy with my work. Which is why I keep working (SOURCE: Dustin Parker Arts)

U2 vuelve a México

Los rumores acerca de una hipotética visita de U2 a Latinoamérica con su U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2017 son cada vez más fuertes y varios sitios brasileños han hecho eco a que la banda irlandesa incluirá en su esperada gira de estadios a Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay y México para finales de año.

La hipotética visita de la banda irlandesa sería para el último trimestre de 2017 e incluiría el show del artista telonero, el británico Noel Gallagher con su grupo High Flying Birds, quien ya está confirmado para acompañarlos en su paso por Europa, del 8 de julio al 1 de agosto próximos.

Según la web brasileña Popload, sería la empresa Live Nation la productora que lleva a cabo las negociaciones para traerlos a América Latina entre los meses de octubre y noviembre (FUENTE: Excélsior)